Les Brockmann records and mixes music for songs, film scores, games, albums, jazz, tourism, and production music. He has recorded and mixed for top clients in the music industry.

Les Brockmann is a Grammy™ winner — Best Latin Jazz Album 2012, ¡Ritmo!, The Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Big Band

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Studios, Equipment, Services

•   Film scoring, including 5.1 surround

•   Computer audio and MIDI: ProTools HD, Digital Performer, Logic, others

•   Works effectively in any setting: personal studios, commercial studios, scoring stages

•   Can help select the right studio for any budget and technical requirements

Scoring & tracking

•   Comprehensive pre-scoring date services, including file prep, tempo maps, etc.

•   Music literacy – reads scores

•   Live mixing using ProTools backup—walk out of a scoring date with finished mixes

•   Tracks for live shows, synchronized with playback, lip-synch, track stems

•   Vocal Tuning — Autotune, Melodyne, ears to make it sound real

Orchestral Recording

•   Specialist in recording acoustic instruments

•   Live tracking of orchestras, including mixing live to stereo or surround with multitrack stems.

Personal Studio

•   Recording booth, treated acoustically neutral and plenty of space

•   Top-of-the-line microphones, preamps, outboard gear

•   ProTools HD with Avid S3 control surface

•   Steinway grand piano (in tune)

•   Fender-Rhodes Suitcase 73 (in tune)

•   Record vocals & instrument overdubs, master and demo, voiceover, interview, podcast

•   Source-Connect — work with Hollywood talent from anywhere, or come to monitor overseas sessions

I can mix and master your music no matter how you recorded it!

I use ProTools HD to mix. Why? It is the best tool for an engineer, including mix automation and editing, quick and comprehensive audio region editing, and superior sound. Why HD? It's the top-of-the-line version, used in commercial studios worldwide.

I have mixed projects recorded in Digital Performer, Cubase, Logic, even GarageBand. Those are all excellent songwriter and composer tools. I can easily convert your files to ProTools for superior mixing. (If you really want me to, I can mix in those and other DAWs.)

If all those perfect tracks need just a little sweetening, I have the best tuning software including Melodyne, Autotune, and WavesTune. And, the ears to do it right.

I am not a composer or songwriter, but I am a well-educated musician with recording and production experience. I have spent my life recording, mixing, performing, and loving all great pop, rock, jazz, movie, classical, and choral music. In the studio or in a mix, I have the knowledge, experience, and perspective to help make your project shine.