I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Les on multiple video game projects as both a recording & mixing engineer. Each time I work with Les there are a few things I can absolutely count on: Everything is super organized, the session will run smoothly, it’ll sound fantastic, and last but not least Les will undoubtedly drop a valuable nugget of wisdom gained from his years of experience. He’s friendly, generous, & always makes you feel welcome.
— Kole Hicks, game music composer, Pixel Piracy. Pixel Privateers, Kenshi
Les’s mixes are clear and clean and punchy. He is a tireless worker, and, just when I am ready to chuck my computer through the window, he calmly diagnoses and fixes any problem. If I could, I would put him on retainer and have him live in my studio! Although it seemed his wife had issues with that concept for some reason...
— Gordon Goodwin, composer, arranger, leader of Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band
When I composed the music for my first commercial film score in LA, Les went above and beyond to help me achieve the absolute best mix for my film score. As we approached our recording session, Les answered ALL my questions and made me feel at ease as I juggled requests from the director and producers. Since that time, I know I can always count on Les to provide me with a world-class mix and a friendly demeanor. Thank you, Les!
— Nicolas Repetto, composer (Ode in Blood, Debris, The Plural of Blood, Digital Edition)
I met Les through my composer Nicholas Repetto, and he has recorded and mixed the score for two of my films. It is always a warm, calm and relaxed atmosphere in his studio. He has a sharp ear and genuinely cared about getting the best work out of himself and the musicians and singers. It mattered to him that I got the score I wanted. The scores are award-winning, so the proof is in the pudding. Les is top-notch.
— Mary-Lyn Chambers, director The Plural of Blood
In the many years Les has been working with me, he’s always been able to find the best way to solve any problem. His skill as an engineer is augmented by the fact that he’s an excellent musician with golden ears that don’t miss a thing when tracking or mixing. And above all, Les truly cares about whatever project he’s working on.
— Nelson Kole, producer, composer, pianist
Les recently recorded & mixed a collection of live Big Band Jazz Vocal tunes for us. Knowledgeable, gracious, with marvelous sonic sensibilities, he proved himself to be a valuable partner, bringing our retro sound into the 21st century while staying true to the traditions of the genre. His discerning ear, technical proficiency, & meticulous attention raised the level of the music, making the project competitive in the world of Film & TV licensing.
— Joel Evans, songwriter, producer
Les Brockmann is not only an incredible engineer, but a wonderful musician as well. It became very clear early on that the musicality and expertise Les brought to my choral/orchestral album would be an extremely valuable asset throughout the entire project. Whether it was a slow and melodic track, or a quick bombastic passage, Les was able to capture the music perfectly.
— John Paul Hayward, composer, orchestrator, arranger, Walk With Me (CD project)
This mix is truly a pleasure for me — you did all the hard stuff and I get to play! yay! Thank you thank you.
— Miriam Cutler, composer The Hunting Ground, One Lucky Elephant
When we compared our mixes to the ones Les did for us, his were amazingly superior. So much more detail and clarity. He’s a real professional!
— Tracey & Vance Marino, Production Music Songwriters/Composers/Producers
Since the moment I met Les, I knew I had a fellow companion that shares the same deep passion and love for music that I do. His unique blend of natural talent and insight as a producer combined with the highest caliber of technical proficiency as an engineer, not only brings out a better performance, but allows it to be captured flawlessly! Now that I have had the pleasure of collaborating closely with him, he will remain a trusted source and top call for the recording of my work.
— Harlan Hodges, Composer | Pianist
Working with Les is always easy and he always makes me sound great. Whether tracking or mixing he lets me focus on the music and elevates the recording and mix.
— Joel Goodman, composer
Les is a master at sculpting sonic puzzlements into clear, concise,
and focused musical mixes
— Greg Edmonson, screen composer (Firefly, King of the Hill)
Les has the best ears in the business; I can always count on him to be as artistically astute as he is technically savvy.
— Dana Kaproff, screen composer (The Big Red One)
Les is one of the most calm, cool, collected, and competent engineers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with... He ALWAYS manages to press the “good” button!
— Randy Crenshaw, studio singer & singing contractor
Les is also a musician, so he understands the charts - a real plus when you need to save money and studio time. His quickness and his professionalism make it easy for me to do a better job. And his sense of humor doesn’t hurt, either…
— Susan Boyd Joyce, studio singer & singing contractor
Being a fine singer himself, we sessionistas are always glad to see Les manning the console on any project. Things sound great, things happen quickly, and the added plus of having a simpatico guy in the booth really helps us to do our best. Don’t let that mild mannered, soft-spoken business fool you, Les rocks HARD!!
— Craig Copeland, studio singer
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Les on my projects in a variety of recording venues, from mobile recording and home project studios to state of the art facilities, and I’m always impressed with his ability to ‘get the job done’ with great creativity and efficiency. I consider it a privilege when Les is involved on my scores.
— Ed Smart, composer
Les is always a joy to work with. Whether we are in my ‘composer’s project studio,’ or on a big scoring stage, Les never fails to bring a larger than life quality to my music. He is an integral part of my team.
— Dennis Dreith, composer
If you’ve done your job and it’s right in the music, Les Brockmann makes sure it’s right in the mix; first take...every take.
— Dan Foliart, composer; past president, The Society of Composers and Lyricists
Les is as comfortable tracking live musicians and singers as he his dealing with the world of MIDI and samples. His formidable technical knowledge includes digital and analog recording, computers, software, networking and studio design.
— Nelson Kole, producer, composer, pianist